Save Game Bleed BUG's

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    Wanted to post this some where it might help some one :}

    SO! I am one of those people who create a character ewww don't like the powers I took [recreate] ok that's better ewww don't like how my eyes look, ok that's better, REPETE :} so I had a few character profile saves, what ended up happening and what causes a lot of BUGS are your save games from other play trough BLEEDING into each other, the more you do this the worse each play trough, you first notice LAG in cut scenes right before the text menu pop up, then at worst you restart and your stuck in the criobay because the game wont trigger your scanner use since it things your 30% into the game. the game journal even shows quests from wayyy down the line, and my first play though was pretty bugless just minor ones with having to wrestle with people to start conversations [ some if there back is turned its hard to start the conversation ] this was annoying, and Mobs getting stuck under landscape ;/ ... anyhow :}

    FIX: delete all your saved games and start a new, seams to have fixed everything for me so far