Featured No loading screens in Mass Effect: Andromeda's ship

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    Did you hate the loading screens in the Normandy in Mass Effect? Don't worry, Mass Effect: Andromeda's ship, the Tempest, won't suffer from the same fate.

    Game Informer revealed some new information on the ship, and I've summarized it below:
    • You'll now choose your destination by standing on the ship's bridge and looking out into the stars in front of you. Gone are the days where you'll transition to a map to choose your destination.
    • You'll use a holographic interface in your ship to upgrade your character. You can redistribute ability points and move around your upgrades to give your character the best chance at surviving on a mission-to-mission basis.
    • There's a garage where you can stare at and admire your brand new exploration vehicle, the Nomad.
    • You'll be able to customize your character's living quarters to a degree, and you'll be able to unlock various mementos from missions that you go on.
    • There will be no loading screens in the Tempest. You don't have to worry about standing in lifts or waiting to be scanned while you're exploring or running around the ship.
    • Moving from the Tempest to exploring a planet will also be seamless
    That's great news, especially being able to seamlessly transition from the Tempest to a planet when you're exploring. Small pieces of Mass Effect: Andromeda news like this continue to raise my hype meter.