Featured Mass Effect: Andromeda Wishlist - What do you want to see?

Discussion in 'Mass Effect Andromeda' started by WhoIsDo, Jan 6, 2017.

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    The release of Mass Effect: Andromeda is coming in March of 2017, but there's a lot that we still don't know about the game. Let's put together an official Mass Effect: Andromeda wishlist that we can show to the developers.

    We likely won't know all about the game until it's been out for a few weeks, but this could even be used for updates & patches that are applied to the game during its lifecycle. I'll take some of the best & most popular ideas and compile them here in the very first thread.

    I'll start with a few things I'd love to see:
    • Ability to edit your character's appearance throughout the entire game
    • Similar multiplayer to what we had in Mass Effect 3, but build upon that with more maps & boss enemy types
    • Cooperative roaming of a planet with a friend (I know, I know.. pipe dream)
    • 60 FPS, but I have a feeling we'll be locked at 30 FPS (at least on console)
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    An interesting, passionate, exciting story just like ME or ME2, with the fluid gamplay of ME3
    good grahics are already confirmed

    interesting and rearding exploration
    interesting involving fn side quests
    deep character relationships
    beautiful, well designed, hi res landscapes and environments

    good facial animations

    a seamless, fun, addictive multiplayer like ME3, and that the players from all over the galaxy are together in the same server, not separated in world regions, etc

    new species with interesting backstories
    old and new biotic and technical powers
    space battles
    ability to customize gear of squad mates
    lots of armors, suits, outfits, weapons
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    I like your wishlist. I will add to it.

    1. Bioware should fire the openly racist Manveer Heir, he is already harming game sales and the game isn't even released.
    2. The depth of tactics and mods/upgrades and exploration quests (I loved hunting Thresher Maws!) from ME1.
    3. Some of the style from ME2 including but not limited to the lovely catsuits.
    4. The amazing story lines from/in all three.
    5. The incredible voice acting from 3. (Wow!)
    6. Less chunky controls in combat but while still using cover system, in some of the previews it appeared the player used zero cover. This should be an exception. Cover should typically be necessary in firefights.
    7. Make it mod friendly. I use mod textures for any RPG I play. I bought Skyrim only because it was so mod friendly. It is a huge selling point when players can personalize their game. Things like new skins, minor physics adjustments, additional side quests for instance, the option for easy modding is a huge draw for an RPG.
    8. Deep tactics, deep customization (like maybe the players body not just the face) but with efficient easy GUI so that the depth isn't tedious.
    9. Quality music like from ME3 and the others.
    10. Awesome sound effects with deep bass.
    11. Bring back the side missions (like finding Thresher Maws and killing them, etc.), the deep customization and tactics from 1 but with the awesome dialogue, acting and better graphics from 3.
    12. Keep the Sci Fi at least as hard as in the last 3 ME games. Realism is important along with complex topics like when EDI talks about mass effect in 3.
    13. Do not dumb it down. There are tons of twitchy run and gun games and they are all the same. Less twitchy, more tactics and strategy.

    I am a huge fan of the all the Mass Effect games, absolutely love them! Keep the best from them all and do not dumb anything down, just make clean, intuitive and efficient GUI to make it easy to manage the depth. Keep up the good work!