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    With the original Mass Effect trilogy, it was incredibly important to keep your save files so that you could import your decisions into each sequel. Will you need to do the same for Mass Effect: Andromeda?

    In the video above, there's a pretty lengthy discussion that goes over lots of questions fans want to know about Mass Effect: Andromeda. Here's a few of the juicy pieces below:
    • The development team hasn't "locked in" on a vision for the future of Mass Effect just yet
    • Mass Effect: Andromeda's ending will be "complex" & the development team states it'll be a "big, bold ending, much like Mass Effect 1 was. But it's got a bit more variation, more akin to Mass Effect 2 in it, based on how you play"
    • It seems that the development team is focusing heavily on having a strong ending in Mass Effect: Andromeda after how poorly the trilogy's ending was received
    • Andromeda is being thought of as a series, but they're still TBD at what they'll do with the series long-term
    • Key elements like the Pathfinders & the Ryders should make an appearance in the next game
    • Mac Walter, creative director on Andromeda, said, "I don't think it would hurt to keep them" when referring to the Andromeda save files.
    • Planets will not have a day/night cycle, but they will have different "states" that can impact gameplay
    • You'll find occassional nods to the original trilogy, but for the most part Andromeda is a clean break from the trilogy & Shepard's story
    • Each planet has its own unique story happening, and most of the side quests take you through that story rather than just being grind & fetch quests
    • Story is about becoming a hero. Sarah & Scott Ryder are dscribed as being in their mid-20s on their first big adventure
    • The state of the Krogan genophage is addressed in the game
    • Tensions that you remember from species in the Milky Way still remain
    • Team doesn't plan to spoil or tease too much of the game's story, they want you to experience it first-hand
    • Current state of the game's production is "polish and balance" phase
    What else did you guys learn from the video?
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    very complete info
    too bad there is no day night cycle
    good that they did a focused on the ending
    tension from milky way will make things more interesting

    so, if we can see thw Ryders in the next game and we would keep the save files, then this story can continue, right?
    they could be more specific about this!

    glad to know that side missions will not be boring fetch quests and that planets have their own story
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