Completd the Game: My REview

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    Hi there pathfinders and apex forces [​IMG]

    I completed the trilogy as soon as each game came out, and then, many times, I love this series, it's very important to me [​IMG]

    to this day, i hear the music of Vigil or suicide mission or reflections and my eyes get wet , right in the feels

    after the ME3 ending, and knowing the next game won't be a squel or have anything to do with Shepard or the milky way, i was ok, it's a good start, devs want to go to Andromeda, I totally respect that, they invented the games i love, so it's perfectly fine, really. [​IMG]

    After completing DA:I, and seeing and experiencing what is the gigantic maps with boring exploration and boring fetch quests and knowing that MEA was "focused on exploration" i waited for the game with low or no expectations, everything was new, so no idea what to expect.
    a few seconds ago i completed MEA i did absolutely everything except some tasks like scanning rocks or little things like that, everything else is complete

    My review:

    I write this review beeing very, very very benevolent and gentle and kind.

    The game it's ok,

    i find more negative than positive but still...

    The bad: [​IMG]

    maps unnecesarily gigantic, and boring,
    thousands of fetch quests and tasks boring, lame, dumb, repetitive,

    most of the not-so-bad fetch quests have no ending or just a an ending as a dialog of few sentences, no music, no emotions, nobody moves, nothing. lifeless

    no emotion, nobody is injured, nobody is in danger, the enemies don't inspire fear
    Dad dies, ok, it's part of the prologue, like Nihlus, ok,

    th whole remnant thing, lifeless, souless, soo many puzzles inside the vaults, the remnants don't talk, don't feel, they're just dumb little machines, they created Meridian!? wtf
    they are just guards ok, who the fuck created Meridian? the jaared or whatever is their name

    just a group of brainless enemies and some annoying puzzles

    everything is grey and dark

    it's ok for one side quest, nor for sooo many time

    the planets are dull and one color only

    Eos is brown-sand
    Elaaden brown, sand
    Havarl blue-purple
    Voeld blue-snow
    Habitat 7 grey-yellow

    that's it
    the Nexus has more color

    the people in nexus are statues, most of them don't move, the same asari walks before me everytime i go to nexus in the exact same spot over and over again

    the krogan fighting, morda and jordal or jargol, etc, two punches and a kick, that's it? a krogan fight!? wtf

    way too few cinematics and cutscenes, really, scarce, sparse, poor, short, insufficient , very very bad, seriously- this is one of the biggest problems,

    too much time driving the Nomad
    the turian ark side quest, just talk to turian, talk to A.I., that's it, wtf,
    low volume music or no music
    can't choose squadmate's armors or weapons, very bad design choice
    very short main story
    side quests with all choices lead to the same outcome
    too many jump sequences, this ain't mario bros
    Suvi's face was untouched by the patch 1.05, her head moves robotic and her eyes and mouth move independently. creepy

    The Good: [​IMG]

    graphics, light and shadows effects, particle effects, some landscapes
    space exploration and first person view of systems and planets

    some wild life designs , i wanted some friendly wild life forms

    i really liked most of the Characters and interaction between them and dialogs, story, everything, like Vetra, Drack, Cora, i dont like PB but it's ok, her investigation on the remnants side quests was ok

    i pesonally don't like Liam or Gil, but i respect them and the people who like them
    I like Kallo and Suvi as pilots, really, great characters and i respect them as pilots
    I liked Sloane Kelly and Kandros, Moshae Sjefa, Kesh, Birtank
    the Salarian James Bonds

    The new species Angara, and their planet aya, great design, i loved the angara, the relation with them was very good, complex, i wanted to be ally with them and work together but they were very cautios towards the humans, excelent

    the combat, by far the best of the series, fast, fun, adictive, fluid, but only three powers activated, really? such a downer
    some powers and skills are spectacular

    some main missions are very good, like hunting the archon

    th ending is great, all the space people i helped come back to help me, Sloane Kelly, Efvra, my squadmates, Kandros getting shot by a Kett battleship and he hits back and destroys three kett ships! amazing! really!

    the krogans escorting me inside the meridian

    the asari destroying ships with the super biotic bubble, lovely and awesome

    i wanted to see more human soldiers, more asari using powers, more krogan armies, etc, but it's ok

    some cinematics area really great, like those where kett ships appear

    lots of weapons
    decent amount of armors
    interaction with characters
    color in the tempest and nexus
    some meaningfull choices
    some side quests
    Ryder's last memory, Liara talking about Shepard and the Reapers, my eyes were wet at that point [​IMG]


    the game is 80% boring: driving the nomad, scanning rocks or corpses or remnants, solving puzzles, talking , walking, running, jumping
    the game is called Mass Effect, but i think and feel it does no represent ME, it's just a game that reminds you of a game called Mass Effect,
    some good fights, some emotional and funny nods to the trilogy
    some memorable characters, great combat. bad animations, fogettable music

    After i completed ME1 or 2 i wanted to start again right away and do more side quests and explore more, read more of the codex, put more attention to dialogs, be more in that universe, after i completed MEA i don't want to start again, i feel and i think i already seen everything, maybe after some dlc's or patches i'll give it another try

    Verdict: 5
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    Thanks Derrame! I read your whole review. Very thorough and fair review, especially coming from someone who absolutely loved the Mass Effect trilogy. I'm glad you at least enjoyed some things.

    This is why I cannot play it. There are just so many choices these days. If a game, TV show or movie doesn't do it for me, just move on, there are so many other choices. I am not going to force myself. For me, it is not necessarily so much the specific game as it is that I just don't have patience for these types of games anymore. Titanfall has pretty much spoiled me. I want that fast, that fluid, that responsive OR BETTER, but I can't go backwards anymore to these games that are like:
    - walk slowly to find someone
    - engage in boring dialogue for 5 minutes
    - rinse and repeat

    If I play for 2 hours and only get MAYBE 30 minutes of good action, I would rather just watch a good movie.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your great review! I'm sure it will be helpful to some people who may be considering getting the game or not.