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    Hello there, following a chat with some of my friends who, like me, have been avidly playing Mass Effect multiplayer since the beta came out for ME3 I thought I'd post some of the issues I think are present in the multiplayer.

    The first off stems directly from the single player and is skills. Going from 3's MP to Andromeda's there is a huge drop in skill diversity, since simply put there aren't that many already in the game due to the hybrid build style of the main campaign. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of switching profiles and skills on the fly to make a really dynamic and fluid system for the story, however in multiplayer it causes a whole pile of issues. The first off is simply the lack of skills, it makes the different characters not really feel unique in having their own little roles within team comps. The second is the topic of primers, since really there aren't that many reliably useful ones. Most of the biotic primers, for example, rely on having and unarmoured, unshielded enemy to use your primer on, which really cripples your impact potential against the majority of enemies, with the exception of Singularity and Annihilation. The former of those two has a large issue in that it is both stationary and has a long cool down, making it an unreliable skill for either defence or offence. Annihilate however is brokenly overpowered in a way that encourages only one really type of playstyle for biotic users, forcing the Asari adept to get up close and personal, which in combination with a group of vanguards is devastatingly powerful but is anathema to a diverse way of playing. Looking back at the skill choices present in ME3's MP, we had access to so many different types of primers you could run a whole host of different team compositions, making the game far more open to different playstyles while in ME:A you really need one of the dedicated primers to make any composition using powers viable on high difficulties.

    To continue the topic of diversity, I really wish barrier had been kept in the game or instead replaced with some kind of tech shield unique to Heleus races/Remnant rather than just cutting a whole defence category from the game. This in my eyes reduced the need for tactical team comps to bring in characters with different strengths vs different defence types, like there was in 3 with biotics excelling against armour/barrier, and tech excelling against armour/shield or shield/barrier. It's just a small thing but it does reduce need for any real team comp and teamwork to tackle different enemies. Speaking of enemies, they also could do with a few more options to really flesh out the teams. I know it's early days but back in ME3 prior to Retaliation Cerberus had 8 enemies (including Turret), Geth had 7 (including turret and drone) and Reapers had 7 (including Swarmer). In comparison the Outlaws have 9, which is great, the Kett have 6, slightly low, but the Remnant only have 5, including the Breacher. The latter two, Remnant especially, have real issues in terms of diversity of what you're fighting along with the lack of a nice gradient of enemy difficulty due to the limited pool of enemy types. The other issue that I have found is simply that they don't seem to be able to deal with the incredible amount of manoeuvrability we have now, so they can't even really trap you and corral you the same way teams like the Geth did, especially after the introduction of the bombers. This is an aspect the teams seem to be missing, they don't have their own unique playstyle. It's just rush at the enemy. The teams in 3 used to have their own unique styles, Cerberus would just close in on you with very hard hitting melee units, forcing you into the open for the Atlas/Turret/Nemesis to fire at. Geth would bombard you from afar, suppressing you while the Pyros, Hunters and later Bombers could close in and cause havoc and the Reapers were a near-permanent brawl across the map. These teams seem to lack that, with only the Outlaws showing some sort of semblance of the unit strategy present in 3. Another small issue is also ability usage which really only the Outlaws nails, all of the others essentially rely on shooting, grenades or a close combat area effect. It makes the multiplayer too easy, you know I want to be dug out of a position, forced around the map etc. rather than being allowed to just sit and hold a spot with ease, even on Gold. I feel like the devs are being far to nice to use, bring back the Sync kills on a mid-spec enemy! There's nothing in the multiplayer that really alarms you like a Brute or Phantom sneaking up on you, it just doesn't have that level of impact without the presence of those evil sync-killing units.

    More skills to open up diversity of combat, especially primers. More enemies/defences, to encourage better team comps and more diverse gameplay. Bring on the sync kills!